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MULTIPLE ITEMS IN CART I can't believe this is not a feature yet. Want to become a customer, LOVE THE SOFTWARE but this is a glaring omission! Your support says this is not a feature. NOTE: I see this was considered. Does that mean you are not going to do it? I don't care if it's a drop down menu or not. Previous Request: Ability to Purchase Multiple Items with Dropdown I'd like to have the ability to allow purchasers to buy 1 (or more than one item) maybe with a dropdown. Feature Request ASAP please. Multiple items can be added to the shopping cart, deleted one by one if wanted and perhaps saved for the next visit—that would be fabulous. Please get back to me if yes or no so I can wait for feature then become a customer or move on. Doug

Doug Lagasse shared this idea 23/11/17 18:04
M Said\ 01/05/18 13:08 flag comment
This is an absolute must... We may depart from the system for the lack of ability to do just that.