Trusted Private PayKickstart Consultants


PayKickstart offers a small list of vetted private consultants we recommend to vendors who would like to pay a team for setting up and advising on their PayKickstart vendor accounts outside of our normal PayKickstart support scope.

The private consultants below have been reviewed by PayKickstart for quality standards and subject matter knowledge.


Company:   Earthgrid
Consultant Name:  Viktor Grant
Skype: Earthgrid
Phone: 1-800-557-0212
Book an appointment:
Brief Bio:
Viktor Grant is a technology leader, professional speaker, author, visionary business advisor and coder and surfer. He was also former talk show host at MSN The Microsoft Network and since then, developed his own unique 'indie' search engine, "", keyword software "SearchTriggers", content management tools & funnel software "Living Funnels" and most recently social media editor "SociJam".
  • Senior Engineer $125/hr
  • Junior Engineer $75/hr
  • FLAT-RATE setup for $599 thru our quick win program:
  • Percentage Based Partner Contracts.

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