September 2020 Update Release Notes

Release Notes for September 2020

The PayKickstart team has been hard at work updating the platform with both internal and public features to allow vendors and affiliates to sell as easy as possible. 

This update may look smaller, however, a lot of internal logic work went into our first round of UI changes to make the platform easier to use based on collective feedback from our users. 

Below is a list of public-facing feature updates recently released to the PayKickstart platform. 

  • UI Changes: (Campaigns, Products and Funnels)
  • UI Changes: Affiliate Payout Section
  • Utility Logs UI Update. 
  • New utility log event type records.
  • Switch Vendor View(For Partners/Sub-users)
  • New Zapier Event(Subscription Changed)
  • Zapier Event Update(New Order can now pass coupon data)
  • Help Article updates to reflect new UI components.
  • Keep on the lookout for more UI updates coming soon  🥳


UI Changes: Campaign, Product and Funnel sections

UI Changes: Campaign, Product and Funnel sections

Previously, the Campaign, Product, and Funnel sections were on separate pages which ultimately increased the number of clicks needed to accomplish something in PK.

In order to help cut down on the time it takes to set up campaign, products and funnels as well as continued management of them, we have combined the campaign, product, and funnel sections into one main section to easily operate from.


UI Changes: Affiliate Payout Section

We have made some small UI changes for the affiliate payout section to run even smoother as well as make the section easier for vendors to use when paying out affiliate commissions.

When handling manual affiliate commission payouts, vendors will now begin the process by selecting the related campaign(s) they want to handle.

They will then be able to choose the commission type(Transaction or Lead related commission)

Next, they will choose whether they want to view commissions inside or outside of tthe refund period or all.

They will choose the affiliate payout method they want to use.

Finally, they can filter the related commissions by transaction, affiliate or partner based on how the would like to see the related commission results.



UI Changes: Utility Logs

We have revamped the utility logs based on user feedback and functionality to allow more ease of use. 

Now, there are 2 main logs sections instead of 5. 

Activity logs hold all of the various event logs for manual changes and changes not specifically related to a purchase event.

Integration/IPN Logs will focus more on the specific purchase-related events corresponding with integrations or the IPN.


Switch Vendor View(For Partners/Sub-users)

Partners and sub-users working with multiple vendors are now able to switch between vendors to easily view specific data and settings related to that vendor instead of seeing everything for all vendors at once.

Learn more about using Sub-users Here:

Learn more about Partner Contracts here:


New Zapier Event(Subscription Changed)

A new event has been added to Zapier called “Subscription Changed”.

This event can be used to trigger Zapier when a customer’s subscription is up/downgraded to a different product.

A good example of using ‘subscription changed is working with another platform you need to revoke access to specific content and provide access to other content but you are not canceling their account completely.  The “Subscription Changed” event can help trigger this change to the other platform for the needed changes based on the newly selected product.


Zapier Event Update(New Order can now pass coupon data)

Vendors using the Zapier “New Order” event can now pass coupon data via zapier if the purchase has a coupon associated. 

This helpful addition will allow vendors to send coupon data to their platforms along with the other customer purchase data to help provide that additional level of detail for their records.

Vendors currently using the “New Order’ Zap event can now edit the zap to map these data variables to their other platform to begin passing the coupon data.

Other Improvements

  • Help Article Updates: Along with our first round of UI changes our team has also updated help articles to relate to the new UI flows.
  • Additional Event Log Events: We have added new event logs for various actions and customer-related events that take place on your account. These new event logs include: Refund events, sales funnel price override events.
  • Large Data Reporting Infrastructure Update(work in progress): The developers released additional backend components of the large data update as they continue to prepare the platform for this major reporting logic update to better assist vendors with large amounts of data. Most of these recent updates were to the backed of the platform, so no major changes will be visible to vendors at this time. Our team will continue to keep you updated as changes to our reporting features progress.

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