LifterLMS Integration

Vendors using WordPress sites and the LifterLMS membership plugin can integrate LifterLMS to automatically create and manage membership accounts for your customers via LifterLMS.

To integrate LifterLMS with your products follow the instructions below:


Requirements for the website where the plugin is installed:

  • WordPress 5.2+.
  • An SSL certificate.


Step 1:

In your WordPress site locate LifterLMs and access  Settings > Rest API


Step 2:

In the API section, select "Add API key"

Then enter the following required details

  • Description: Friendly name you can use for reference.
  • User: The owner of the related API key. This will be the vendor or the person in charge of your technical settings. Must be an admin of the WP site.
  • Permissions: MUST BE READ/WRITE

After entering the API details Click save.

Step 3:

After Saving you will see your Consumer Key And Consumer Secret.

You cannot access them again.

Step 4:

In your PayKickstart dashboard, click on ‘campaigns’ in the left-hand side-bar.

Select the campaign for which you would like to add a membership integration, and press the 'edit' icon on the right-hand side.

When you open up the campaign you’ve selected, scroll to the bottom section titled ‘Membership Integration’, and you’ll see a subheading labeled ‘Membership Service’.

Click the drop-down box for Membership Service and select ‘LifterLMS’ as your service to integrate.

A new information box will pop up under your selected service asking for additional information. For lifterLMS, you’ll need your sites main URL(ex:, Consumer Key, and Consumer Secret.

Once you’ve entered the correct information in your PayKickstart Campaign to integrate LifterLMS at the campaign level, press ‘Save’.

Step 5:

Now, you can finish the integration at the product level.

Go back to the campaigns section and locate the campaign, then the product you want to integrate with and select edit.

Step 6:

In the Product settings, select Step 3 (Integrations) to open up your integrations settings for the product and select the membership integration

 #1: Enable the membership integration option.

#2: (Optional) If you want to allow the customer to choose their own membership password at checkout, then enable this option. If you want to provide the customer with an auto-generated password, leave this option disabled.
IMPORTANT NOTE FOR PASSWORD FIELDSIf you are also offering an order bump or upsell product with a membership integration in the same funnel, the order bump or upsell purchase would use the chosen password set for the first product(Front end) purchase. AND, If the customer already exists in the Membership service, then CUSTOM PASSWORD functionality will not assign the customer a new password, but instead, provide the customer with their previous set password to access the membership.

#3: Select your Membership platform.

After enabling select LifterLMS and Select the Course and Membership level.

  • Course: Required. Will associate 1 course to the user after purchase.
  • Membership: Optional. Will associate all courses related to membership after purchase.

After selecting the membership course and level click save in the top right of the page to save the product settings.

Now that you have integrated on the product level customers who purchase the product will automatically have a LifterLMS member account created for them for the related course and level.

If the purchase is related to a subscription, account access would be controlled by subscription status.

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