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Gathering Customer Demographics & Intelligence

As a product creator and entrepreneur, it’s vital to understand Demographic and Insights about your customers. Which is why as a PayKickstart Scale (Premium) member, we provide you with robust demographic data for every customer that comes through your door. This can help you and your business truly understand your target audience and make informed business decisions.

To access the Demographics section, click on Tools and choose Demographics.

In your Demographics section, you are able to Filter for each of your Campaigns and related products within the Campaign, and to set the dates as needed.

We gather segmented information about your customers from premium APIs such as FullContact, Facebook and other APIs on the market. You would be able to see information such as:

  • Gender Breakdown
  • Average Purchase Time
  • Purchase By Day
  • Customer Interests
  • Customer Skills
  • Customer Industries
  • Failed Purchases by Day
  • Purchase by Month
  • Average Klout Score
  • Social Network
  • Language
  • Device
  • Browsers
  • Platform
  • Buyers (Buyer Profiles)
  • Customer Location

You can also search for specific information about your previous customers through the Buyers section by clicking on Tools and choosing Buyers.

Here you can check your Customer’s main details, including their:

  • Country
  • Number of Transactions
  • Refund Rate
  • LTV (Lifetime Transaction Value)
  • ATV (Average Transaction Value)
  • Date of Last Purchase

Or choose to view each customer’s full profile.

The Customer’s profile will contain more data about the customer such as their profession, gender, birth date, location, languages spoken and topics they are interested in, along with any social media links that the customer uses. You will also be able to check all transactions relevant to the customer.

You also have the ability to build custom audience lists along with your Facebook account. To find out more about the Audience Builder, please follow this link:

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