BREXIT / UK VAT logic changes NOTICE

Since there is still uncertainty with the specific transition changes, these recommended options below may not fit all vendors’ needs, but rather are just recommendations for possible options now to help accommodate the transition.

Final decisions for needed actions should come from your legal accounting team before making any changes to tax profiles in Paykickstart.

The Paykickstart development team is currently investigating possible system logic changes to help accommodate the need to support multiple tax numbers, as would be required in this case regarding vendors selling under and over 85,000 pounds in UK revenue as outlined here:

Unfortunately, any updates of this manner are large changes to our system logic and will take time to fully implement after determining the best possible actions to assist vendors with UK VAT.

Since transition changes are also not yet 100% clarified by the associated governments, this update will not be live on January 1st, 2021, when the transition begins effect, which is why we are advising vendors to consult with their legal teams and take the current needed actions deemed by their legal team so they can continue handling customer payments in the UK until Paykickstart can 100% accommodate the VAT logic changes for the UK based on the finalized legal requirements.

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