Refund Amount
Allow for the ability to refund a percentage or dollar amount back from the paid amount in addition to the full amount (as is present now).

Steve Querio shared this idea 21/11/16 14:50
Paykickstart 30/11/18 16:41 flag comment
Done :-)
Diane Aase 07/02/19 17:23 flag comment
I want a refund on my purchase of 7 Figure Ecom Angels funnel program. I was not able to connect this to my shopify account, which is the prime reason I purchased the program. Due to not being able to connect with my store, I have not been able to set up the system or make any money with it. The purchase was made on January 9, 2019. I even had a tech support expert try to help me with the set up of the program and he was not able to make it work either. Please respond immediately to my request. Thank you, Diane Aase email: aasediane@yahoo.com