please don't change checkout URL for existing product
problem with checkout URL kept changing ============================== We have been using PKS for a while now and really like the platform. Your are all awesome! Keep up the great work, guys! So far so good, one thing we've been running into though- that is every time we make a change in an existing funnel: the checkout link changed to a new different URL and caused our live checkout url turned to 404 . This is a major headache when we have to modify a funnel. For examples: We have FE OTO1, OTO2, OTO3 URL would change when we: + make OTO2 as OTO1 + pick a different product to be FE or OTOs then switch back to the previous ones I understand if the same products are using in multiple funnels then each needs a different check out. However, PKS generated new checkout URL even if it is the only product and in only one funnel. Would be a time saver and worry-free if no matter where the product is being used: FE, or OTOs, in one or multiple funnels the checkout URL won't change ( Like Zaxaa does ) Thanks for listening,

Promote Labs Inc shared this idea 04/09/18 16:10