Order Integration with Infusionsoft
The request below is already *possible* with Zapier, but it requires a zap for every single product (not just every campaign - in order to record the correct product orders). We really need for PayKickStart to automatically record orders in Infusionsoft. Most of us who use IS use it as a CRM, and it's nearly impossible to accurately track stats like LTV and detailed attribution without recording orders in IS. As I mentioned above, we can hack this together with a zap for every single product in every paykickstart campaign, but that's going to get error-prone very quickly. We tried doing it just on the campaign level, but because of the way zapier integrates with IS, it won't take just the product name from the paykickstart http post - it needs the product id.

Jeremy Hendon shared this idea 02/04/18 00:34